Steps To Take If You Have to Move Before Your House Sells

Steps To Take If You Have to Move Before Your House Sells

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Steps To Take If You Have to Move Before Your House Sells

Selling an Empty House

When transferred many people have no choice but to vacate their home and hope it sells. Be sure that you take the following steps to ensure that your property will be maintained and ready for sale when the right buyer is ready to make and offer.

Signing up with a reputable agent may seem to be all that is needed to be sure that your property remains in the condition that you left it in. Do not be deceived. Make other arrangements so that you do not lose value on your property or the opportunity to sell altogether. You will likely already have pictures taken of the interior, but if not, make an effort to have your agent do this before you start moving the furniture out.

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Consider leaving your major utilities, like water, gas, and electric on. The expense should be minimal, but the benefits are great. No matter the season, people viewing your house will appreciate the ability to check out the air conditioning or furnace, especially if there is an open house that takes place all afternoon. Having your heat on also eliminates the worries of hassles such as frozen pipes in the winter time. When your house finally does sell, the utilities will have to be turned back on for an inspection. This will be at your expense, so it might make more sense just to leave them on.

Exterior Maintenance

Hire a reputable landscaping or lawn service company to maintain your yard. Arrange for weekly or bi-weekly cuts, depending on the climate of the area. Beds and Gardens can get out of control quickly. Enlist your company to maintain these areas as well. Make sure all yard waste is hauled off or put in the appropriate area for pick-up.

Keep in touch with Neighbors

Hopefully, the time you lived in your house allowed you to develop mutually beneficial relationships with your neighbors. You watch their house, and they watch yours. Some neighbors are so attentive they have picked up your mail, watched your children, and watered your yard. Hopefully, you have been one of these sorts, because now you have a favor to ask. As you leave town, leave a spare key with the neighbor. Give them all your new contact information and be in touch with them. Call weekly or bi-weekly and ask that they call you if anything suspicious takes places. When we moved thousands of miles from our home, we couldn’t see that the grass had grown

Halfway up the real estate sign and that the guy who was supposed to be mowing had found somewhere else to be. Our agent was not by often enough to notice, so our neighbors gave us a call.

Let the Authorities Know

The police are not afforded the time to check your house every day. However, letting the local officers know that the house will be sitting vacant gives them the opportunity to deter crime around the property. Be especially wary if your yard is surrounded by a privacy fence or if windows are not secured. Take needed precautions to protect your house before you leave town.

Finalize Interior Projects

Hang the closet door that is propped against the wall in the guest room. Fix the leak in the bathroom faucet. Buyers can ask that projects be completed before they will purchase a house and it is much easier to make sure it is done right when you are around. Finding and arranging for a handyman to go into your vacant house and complete a project up to your standards while you are miles away is much more complicated.

Check Smoke Detectors

Install new batteries in smoke detectors and make sure they are in working order. Be sure that one is properly installed on each level of the house, in the kitchen, and near the furnace. Even if no one is living in the house, the alarm can alert neighbors to the fire and save your home. Smoke alarms are required by law when selling a house, so you are covering two bases at once. Check your individual state’s regulations on this as it may vary; your real estate agent should have paperwork for you concerning the necessary requirements.

Selling a house can be a rewarding experience. Before you leave town, make sure your investment is ready to be sold!

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