Making a move From a House to a Flat

Making a move From a House to a Flat

                                       Making a move From a House to a Flat

One thing for sure, downsizing from house to a flat is not an easy thing to do. It is helpful if this is something you want to do, as opposed to something you have to do, and it is also helpful if you’re not pressured or rushed to make a move. Regardless, any time you have to make this type of move it will be both exciting and memorable.
When I moved from our home in London to share a two-bedroom flat with my son in Barking, it certainly was a challenging experience. With the help of my family, however, I moved from a four bedroom, 3-level house to a 2-bedroom apartment area of about 850 square feet. Even though this move was only a temporary stop for me as I settled into my new life in Barking, I still found it stressful. If you need to make such a move, here are several things you need to consider beforehand.

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Consider the plan 

Some people thrive on doing things on the spur of the moment, but I prefer to plan ahead. The sooner you can make a plan, the better. Sit down and think through all aspects of that will be needed to accomplish this move. Write it down in a notebook or put target dates on a calendar. For such a move as this, you will need to consider the costs, the time frame, how and when to pack, transportation arrangements, etc. You may also need to consider if some of your furniture needs to be put in storage as it likely won’t all fit into the smaller flat.

Consider the space

It is obvious that not all of your personal belongings will fit into a small apartment. There were many furniture and clothing items I wanted to bring with me, but I knew space was limited. Many of my “creature comforts” had to be left behind, although I did have some things shipped out to me later. This is a good time to purge and prioritize. It may also be a good time to have a yard sale if you are so inclined. Selling furniture and other household items can be a good way to make a few dollars help defray some of your moving expenses.

Consider the pets 

If you have pets, moving from house to a flat might be a problem for them. All animals need their space. You might find your pets developing behavior problems because of the change in environment and the reduced space. Dogs who have been used to having a yard to romp in may suddenly end up chewing up your rugs and gnawing on your remote control.

Consider the neighbors 

If you are accustomed to quietness and privacy, moving from house to an apartment can be shocking when it comes to the noise level. You will have to learn to adjust to sounds and voices that previously were not an issue. Sometimes your neighbors may be having a late party when you need to sleep. The reverse can be true also. You might want to practice your piano when they’re trying to get some rest.

Consider the perks

There are a few things you might love about having a flat. Here are just a few of the benefits of moving from a house into a flat:
– You will have less space to keep clean, which is great if you don’t care to do housework.
– You won’t have to do yard work or shovel snow. Most apartment complexes maintain the grounds for you.
– You won’t be responsible for appliance repairs. Appliances such as stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer are usually fixed by the apartment complex.

Take it all in stride 

Although moving from house to a flat can be a stressful change, you can quickly learn to adjust to apartment live it you try. My son lived on the third floor, and there was no elevator in the building. I think that climbing those flights of stairs was the hardest thing for me to get used to. You can still make a flat your home, though, if you put effort into it.

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