House Removal- Moving Checking List

House Removal- Moving Checking List

                                                        House Removal- Moving Checking List

House removal is a painful experience, and we are all grateful for any help or advice that we can get to hasten and ease the process. House move can be tough to pull off without any hassles, especially if you do not have any prior experience with shifting and packing. Use our moving checklist to plan your move, and you will be surprised by just how quickly and efficiently you can get the process taken care of.

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If you have a significant amount of warning, use the time wisely to plan your packing and moving. You should start organizing all your important documents and paperwork around two months before you have to move. Get everything together in neat, organized and relevantly categorized folders. All kinds of paperwork, from the utilities and subscriptions on the current house that need to be canceled, to the contract with the moving company and the lease of the new house, should be properly filed at this time.

Create a separate folder for all important identity and bank-related documents. Keep this in sight at all times, especially when you are leaving the house for good. Instead of carrying it in your hands and running the risk of leaving it somewhere, keep it in your handbag or briefcase and don’t take it out needlessly.

The sooner you look for a removal company, the less worried you will be later. You should have at least one month in hand before you want to move because this will give you a hard time to do some comparison shopping and get discounts and competitive quotes. After you have confirmed your booking, check with the company once every week up until the day of moving, and once the day before the move because this will help both you and the team stay on schedule.
If you are packing yourself, start doing so at least one month in advance. Packing is a tiring job, and you will come across many boxes that need to be unpacked and then repacked because of some small oversight earlier. Give yourself enough time and room to be able to do all these things without getting terribly stressed. If you have packing materials from a previous move or can borrow some from friends and relatives, you could save a lot of money. If not, make sure you invest in good quality packing boxes and tapes because a long distance haul is not going to be easy on your belongings. You will want to give them the best possible containers. Add layers of old newspapers, towels, crumbled papers and bubble wrap to the boxes to provide extra cushioning.

Make sure that you leave reminders with the appropriate authorities and people to have all your mail redirected to the new address. If you have subscriptions that can be transferred to the new address write to the concerned parties a few weeks before you move so that they have enough time to update your details in their databases.

If you have hired a removals company, confirm the date with them a few days before the moving day. On the day itself, make sure nothing gets left behind after all your luggage has been moved onto the transporting vehicle.

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