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Man and Van Hackney Service has been making moving less painful for the last 12 years of their service. When it comes to moving services people prefer to do it on their own and pack and load their belongings. They take care of transportation and unload and unpack and move to the new place.

The advantages of this approach are its cost reduction and excellent packaging. But it takes a toll on ourselves and has us energy deprived and may also cause permanent damage to our muscles. One person alone cannot manage this type of stress when moving heavy furniture.

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Why Man and van Hackney takes care of your furniture with highest safety and security

Whether you are glad or troubled to move houses or workplaces, moving is a critical life stressor. You can decrease the burden of moving, by setting yourself up with professional movers and packers which eventually will lead to a fruitful choice. This will be a great opportunity for the future to make yourself take the right decision.
Another moving alternative is known as self-service moving. In self-service moving, a moving organization sends a truck with a large box or a container. You pack the all your stuff and load them into the container. You then inform the moving organization, which transports the case to your new home. You are in charge of emptying and unloading your things. This spares you the inconvenience of driving a moving truck or a van, yet you are still the one giving all the physical work of pressing and stacking. Like moving entirely independent from anyone else, self-administration moving is just a practical choice on the off chance that you have companions or family who can help you move.
This option permits you to place our particular things carefully and arrange them in such a way that those delicate things are deliberately bundled and that the containers are marked and sorted agreeable to you. Despite everything it requires time, vitality, and a specific measure of physical work, however, at any rate, you are saved the exertion of loading and empty substantial boxes and furniture.
The last kind of moving administrations is called full-service moving. All we have to do in this type of moving is to tell the moving company to pack load transport unload and unpack. This particular type of service is essential for most of the people with heavy luggage and many items to pack. The service is a little pricier than the other modes, but it still is reasonable compared to other removal services offered in Hackney(London). This service is mostly considered on the off chance that we may not be present while moving. All the work is done by the service with great scrutiny and high security to make sure your belongings are not lost.

When consider a man with a van Hackney

We have to look for the rating and reviews of the company and also its competitors. Online review isn’t everything for a company. We can check out the reviewer’s profiles and make out whether the review is genuine or not. If the reviewer’s profile is found at least other three to four places, then maybe the reviewer is genuine and honest about his reviews. It is crucial to get the necessary information. By blindly depending on the online reviews and ratings alone a company’s standard is not measured. So you have to make sure that you gather all the information about the company as needed. The companies rating system may be tricky because of the fake reviews and spams created by the own company and opposition the standard of the review is declined. We have to make sure that we contact other customers regarding the moving service and proceed accordingly.

Some minor details which are essential to check before going for a moving service are as follows

The Cost, behavior and Trust using Man and a Van Hackney

The cost of service varies depending on the service we opt for. Larger companies tend to ask more from fellow customers and burn their pockets. So choosing a smaller newly rising company will be a good option. The smaller company promises work and quotes a lower estimate from moving rather than the larger company. It also doesn’t mean that all the larger companies dig your pocket, and some companies tend to take more money than usual. We should not think that small companies provide less quality service too which is a mistake. The smaller man with van companies tend to give more personalized service rather than the robotic service assumed. A friendly touch is what can be provided by companies which have a high quality of service and greater experience. The behavior of the company is the behavior of the service providers who get in touch with us. If the service provider who speaks to us is polite, interested and informed, then you can expect an excellent service. Larger companies tend to have a large number of calls and schedule a large number of services tend to possess a much strict structure to work. So it is better if we take a small company who listen to all of our minor needs to move. Movers talk about their previous services while trying to impress the customer. If there are no such talks from the company regarding their service, then we can assume that they have less reputation and thus lose trust. If the person who attends our service is a less chatty we cannot judge the company based on the representative when it’s neither then the need to choose the company is lowered.
Regardless of which sort of service you pick, it is imperative to choose your mover with caution. At long last, to keep away from mistaken assumptions about the expense, make certain to tell the moving organization precisely which movers you need and what sort of things they will move. This will empower them to give you an exact assessment. Moving is characteristically distressing, yet it doesn’t need to be a nightmare if you know which moving administrations you need to buy and if you pick your mover deliberately.

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Man and Van Brixton by Man with a Van Plus

Man and Van Brixton by Man with a van Plus

London has been a home to an enormous count of residents, who often can be observed commuting between places to secure a suitable location for their living or to carry on with the commercial activities they have been running before. Helping people with smooth and safe removal procedures are our Man and Van Brixton teams at Man with a van Plus operating from the grounds of London.

We have been rendering one of the finest set of house and office removal remedies over the past few years that have been helping our clients in cherishing a pleasant moving experience. With eminent working procedures, we ensure we serve what our customers have actually been looking for.manandvanbrixton

Removal Services –How Much Do We Offer?

Ranging from small to large scale residential oriented moves we have been marking our presence in the fields of commercial and corporate removal projects, handling a different count of requirements our customer have been coming up with. Our Man with Van Brixton teams have been well trained in the use of latest removal tools and application of customized procedures in parting the best expertise in the region.

We offer comprehensive service packages that come with extremely reasonable charges and various attractive seasonal and regular discount offers to be enjoyed by our customers. We deal in providing a broad range of removal solutions that mark from the ones for house and office removals, inventory transits, movement of large and bulky one-off articles and much more.

How Can We Get In Touch?

If you are looking forward to a house removal or have been planning to relocate your commercial set-ups across the same street or over an array of miles, our Man and Van Brixton teams can serve to be the best removal excellence in all your requirements.

You can glance through our portfolio that has been placed on the website and chooses from the service packages that well go with your requirements to submit an online hiring request for our man with a van teams.

We guarantee you satisfaction with absolute zero use of any customer scams and reliable operating procedures in Brixton.

How safe and easy is man with a van services

                                                 How safe and easy is man with a van services

man with a vanThe process of shifting to another apartment or residence is not at all a simple task. The main difficulty comes when you have to transport all your things from your current home to the new home without causing any kind of damages. Even though you can do the job by yourself, there is still the chance for your belongings to get damaged while moving to another location. This is due to the reason that you do not have the experience and skills of packing that goes along with the moving which has to be done in an appropriate way. The most important benefit of hiring a reputed person and van service firm is that is quite flexible. Such van transport service agencies offer various luggage moving options based on your needs.
These man with van services provide small to medium luggage transfer options at an affordable price. And of course, these van transport services cost less compared with someone who hires a different shifting service. The people engaged with a man with a van services will not get overwhelmed with the size of your items. They are trained and equipped to handle different types of items. Usually, the crew of van transport services is prepared to handle around items in 3 rooms at once. For electronic items such as coolers, refrigerators to furniture items like sofa, beds and seats are comfortably moved easily without any issues. When this service is compared with other big transport agencies, the difference lies in the expertise of covering the entire movement process. In fact transporting your belonging to a new place is a stressful process, but the man with a van services make it really easy and stress-free.
Professional man with a van services has the skill and experience in handling the various household and office items. They can if necessary disassemble the part of your home furniture or any other household items that allow doing so. This way the transportation becomes easy. The crew on the van will both pack and even unpack the belongings at the new place. These luggage moving companies give the guarantee to move items without mistakes and insure for your belongings. If you are looking for a professional man and van service, then it is a great idea to move peacefully your household items to your new place.
Most of the searched and looked on man and van companies provide a guarantee, on all of your items before transferring them. Insurance coverage is given for the breakage, damage and even for the loss, theft, etc. while handling and moving to another location. Most times van members handle your things very cautiously, and when any unexpected trouble occurs, or there is damage to your own personal items, then you will be compensated for the damages. These companies also provide all the important equipment necessary for handling your packing and also for transferring needs. Any well-known moving company assures to keep the required tools for quick assembly or disassembly of items throughout the moving process. If you want to shift all the items by yourself, there will be greater possibility to miss these tools, which can be quite important for hassle-free smooth movement.

Are man with a van services worth it?

                                                                               Are man with a van services worth it?

man with a vanAll around London, UK there are people that are forced to leave a residence and move to another every single day. Many of these individuals are brave, or perhaps silly, enough to face this kind of madness on their own. Although handling the moving out situation yourself has a number of benefits, but one should know that it isn’t necessary. Alternatively, a person can rely on a man with a van service. This company is able to help you during the hardship of packing and moving items. Why should you go through this challenge, when you can depend on a reliable group of experts to deal with this task for you? Below are the key benefits of hiring a man with a van company

Covers all the costs of shifting

While moving from one residence to another one, you will have to go through many costs related to fuel, storage, moving trucks, and boxes as well. If you can calculate the overall figures, you will know that it is expensive! With the use of a man with a van service company, you will have to pay a fixed amount and all the associated tasks of shifting your things will be taken care of.

Knowledge about the new location

Well, most of the people know where they are going to live next, but some individuals are required to relocate to a new area that is unfamiliar and difficult to reach by. This can be totally scary and might want an individual to rely on the GPS. And again, there is nothing worse than driving around and getting lost in the alleys. A man with a van removal company knows the exact location of your new place in advance. So you are relieved by moving to a new place.

Less Stress

It is quite stressful to try and tackle some sort of residential move. It does not matter if you are a bachelor, married or couples living together, moving out can wreck your nervous. A man with  van luggage removal service can completely free you from all dilemmas and mindful stress.
Safe and less Hazardous
A man with a van service companies have multiple individuals who have the necessary skills and strength to handle your any items carefully. There is absolutely no possible way that an individual can lift a large couch, piano or sofa by themselves. Even if you are a giant, it is too risky and unsafe to do that. When you have expert man and van services, loaders will handle the objects based on their weight and receive help from other loaders while moving big items.

Saving Money

Of course, you will save a lot of your precious time, but hiring a moving company surprisingly can also save your money, as well. Many people, mostly the ones who have not hired a man with a van company often question about this. But the reality is that, when you hire a man with a man service you don’t need to take a holiday off work, spend money on fuel, hire a van, buy boxes and packing material etc. So on a broader picture, you save a significant amount of money while getting peace of mind.

Preparing Yourself For A Move Using A Man With A Van

Preparing Yourself For An Upcoming Move Using A Man With A Van

Over the years, an abundance of consumers has been forced to relocate from one location to another. Although this may seem like an easy task to accomplish, it is not! In fact, it can be incredibly stressful and very frustration when you do not hire the right man with a van. When attempting to make the move, it is essential to plan ahead. Doing so will help to decrease the probability of errors, mistakes and most importantly, future headaches. Within this comprehensive guide, you will learn precisely how to prepare yourself for an upcoming move and why it may be wise to invest in the services of a man with a van moving company.

Moving Insurance

Before boxing up your belongings or hiring a good moving company, you should contemplate investing in moving insurance. As the name implies, this is a specific type of coverage, which is specifically designed for movers. During a move, it is possible for pretty much anything to go wrong. Your vehicle could breakdown, or you could drop an expensive vase and shatter it to pieces. There is where Moving Insurance will come into the picture. This insurance helps to ensure that all items are safely moved from one location to the next. If problems arise and damage is done, the insurance will alleviate the costs to some degree.

Packing Up

manwithavanlondonRemember that you’ll eventually need to package up your belonging and prepare them to be moved to your new location. If you do this properly, you will be able to drastically reduce the risks of damages, while also making the moving process tremendously easier. In order to ensure that you pack everything up properly, you should utilize the tips below to your advantage.

De-clutter! Throw everything away that you do not need, as this will eliminate unnecessary items and lighten your load.
Make sure you wrap up fragile items, such as glass, pictures, and frames. This will help to prevent scuffs, scratches and other damages.
Don’t be afraid to use plenty of tapes! Tape will prevent your boxes from opening during transport and your items from falling out and being lost. At the same time, you won’t want to stop and re-tape in the future, so get it right the first time.
Try not to overfill boxes. Although it might seem like a good idea to fit everything into a smaller number of boxes, this will only make each box immensely heavier! If you do this, you may very well make the box too heavy to move. Be realistic and make sure that each box can be lifted easily, without breaking your back.

Preparing your Pet

Moving to another city, state, province, or country can definitely be a drawn out process. Not only are you forced to watch out for yourself, but you have children and pets to worry about, as well. Pets do not genuinely like change, so a large residential move can put them on the edge. If you are traveling by plane or boat, you will need to schedule transport for your pets. Many individuals will lean toward putting their pets up for adoption, because they do not think that it is fair to uproot them from their original location.

You will always have the option of putting them into a boarding facility, until you get everything settled, in your new home. Of course, this will still upset them, but not to the extent of a lengthy transport. This is a very emotional time for you, as well as your adorable pets, so make sure to ensure their safety first.

Lighten the Mood

Moving from one territory to another is one thing, but moving to an international country is another. Everyone will be emotional about this life transition that you are about to partake of, which is why it may be time for a party. Believe it or not, a small get-together is a great way to lighten the mood, while encouraging everyone that you are ready for this great opportunity. Be sure to grab your camera and snap a few a pictures, so everyone will have a momentum of this very special day to look back on.

Moving is Bitter Sweet

As the old saying goes, “Moving is bitter sweet” for everyone involved. Not only are you going to be forced to leave many of your precious items behind, but you will also need to say good bye to some of your closet friends. If you are feeling a little down and do not feel up to packing your personal belongings into shipping boxes, you should contact Man with a Van. This removal company will take over the responsibilities and do all of the work for you. You can count on this crew to treat your precious assets, as their own.

Moving Fees

Moving fees can be very expensive, even more so, if you plan on taking your large items with you. Some items such as pianos, curios cabinets, tool chests, storage cabinets, and appliances will require two movers to transport. The larger the crew, the higher the costs will become, making the total almost unreachable. Your best bet will be to have a garage sale, before the scheduled moving day. Prepare to get rid of your large items, so you do not have to tote them halfway across the world.

If the item is an heirloom, you can always put it in storage or loan it to a family member until you are ready to take it to your new home. Who knows, you may find that it was meant for the person to have it, if so offer it to them as a memorandum.

Tipping the Movers

While it is not always a necessity to tip the movers, it is a wonderful gesture. You will definitely receive superior quality service from the Man with a Van moving crew. A small tip will show your appreciate, while encouraging them to continue doing what they do best “Professional Removals.” Now, this does not always mean handing over cash to the crew, it could be a nice lunch with a cold glass of lemonade. However, you decide to show your appreciation, the moving crew will definitely be very grateful.


All in all, attempting to move can be very difficult, but you are not required to tackle the task alone. Remember that it is always possible to utilize the services of a man with a van moving company. With their assistance, you’ll be able to maintain your peace of mind, while allowing the professionals to do the heavy lifting.

The only and best way to move is using a man with a van

The only and best way to move is using a man with a van

Moving to a new home can be a very challenging task if you do not have a reliable mover service to help you. Regardless of how many members comprise your family and the quantity of belongings you own and need to transfer, some items are a staple in every home. Furniture items like tables, bed, and chairs are found in every home and so are utensils. Many people also own, television sets, and other electronics. These items need to be handled with care and one cannot do so alone as they can be very heavy for just a single person to carry. A professional man with a van service will not only help you by arranging a vehicle specially designed for the purpose of helping customers move but also by providing you with people who have a good command over loading and unloading your belongings.
manwithavanIn London, this service has gained popularity, and the competition has increased substantially. Therefore, it is difficult to find a service which is not just reliable but also affordable. What does reliability mean regarding a removal service?
Reliability means that you will not fear your belongings getting lost or stolen when the movers come to your place. If a man with a van service cannot assure you of the fact that it is a registered company that hires only those people who have a clean background, then you cannot afford to trust them! A trustworthy man and van service is what you need as a customer and as someone who likes his or her belongings safe.
Reliability means that you can trust the employees of your chosen company with your belongings. If the company can assure you that the people who will help you out with moving home have decent experience in the field and can perform fairly well, you can trust them. If you have glass furniture, utensils, frames, and other items, you would not want them to be moved and transported by those who don’t know how to handle these fragile items.
Reliability means that you get an insured service. Mishaps can occur, and it can so happen that the van gets into an accident which can destroy your beloved belongings. These items could be very expensive and to lose them in such a way would be a shame. This is why you need insurance to remain confident and sure that you will have all your losses covered in case something unfortunate happens during the process.

Reliability means that you can ask the service to start at whatever time is comfortable for you. Every man with a van company should know and take care of the fact that its customers are highly busy people who are preoccupied with many tasks during their day. Thus, by a simple gesture of accommodating their schedule, a company can help the customer a lot.
Choose the best service “Man with a van Plus!

What should you look for in a man with a van service when moving in London?

What should you look for in a man with a van service when moving in London?

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is a busy city. From the famous Shaftesbury Avenue to the super crowded Abbey Road, the city is a popular and crowded hub for the citizens (and tourists!). This is also the city of the ambitious and businesspeople who want to advance their career and become the gods they are supposed to be. There is so much for people to do that they hardly find themselves with any time left. When a busy individual decides that moving home is the next big step in his or her life, it becomes automatically clear that this individual is most certainly going to require a man and van service.
A man with a van  is a kind of service which will cater to the customer’s needs by giving them the help and support they require to make the transportation to their new home possible. From a well-sized van to accommodate the customer’s belongings to men who have the strength and the meticulousness to handle heavy and expensive stuff, a good removals service will fulfill your needs with a promise of satisfactory service.
What are the traits one should look for in a man with a van service?

Is it insured?

An insured service is a guaranteed service.
When you choose a service which has been insured, you can be confident that in the case of any mishap, you will have your losses covered.
Though it is rare for a lightweight moving van to run into a disaster in the urban classiness that London is, it is always a good idea to be prepared for the worst.

Is it registered?

Among the various man and van services available in the market, some people tend to go for the cheapest one.
This is not a good approach because these inexpensive services could, in fact, be unregistered and get you in trouble.
You do not want to find yourself in a mess you did not choose to be a part of, right?

Is it customer-centric in its approach?

The most important question is if they cater to the client’s needs and give them the highest preference.
As a customer, we invest money in a service and deserve to be given importance (because service providers are supposed to serve you!)
If the service requires you to call them according to what they prefer instead of what their abilities allow them to do for you or has other demands which deem their other benefits useless, you need a new man and van service.
Does it ask you to pay more than you should?
As a customer, you want the best service for as less as possible.
Beware of those that ask for unreasonable payments.
The answers to the above questions should tell you how you can find the best man with a van service for moving home.

A guaranteed man and van service to help you move in London

manandvanserviceIt has become a growing trend to use man and van services to move from your current location to a new home. Finding a new plot to live in can be a wonderful feeling – when you can finally afford to live in a house that has haunted your dreams! In a busy city like London, finding time to pack and meticulously transfer your belongings to the new location can be daunting. Most people will not find time to do the task with the kind of precision and care it needs. For this, removal services are preferred.
These services are designed to cater to the specific needs of individuals who have decided to move. From well-designed vans to men who have the strength and skill to move heavy as well as fragile things, you get a doorstep service from those who you can rely on. When looking for a service that will enable you to move without you having to spend too much effort and energy without any reason, one can get stuck between a myriad of choices. There are numerous companies offering man and van services and choosing the best one requires you know how to sect the most reliable and affordable one.

  • Customer centric nature

The service you choose should have a customer centric nature and should focus on what you need and want.
If you want them at your doorstep at 2 pm the next day, they should be at your doorstep at 2 pm the next day – no excuses!
Catering to the customers’ needs is what business is all about, and a quality service will remember that you are a busy individual and support you in moving home without giving you any more unnecessary stress.

  • Reputation

When choosing a man and a van service, it is important to ensure that it does not have any bad records to its name.
If you are considering a service which has been previously criticized for its lack of responsibility and overall demeanor of the employees, then it is better that you reconsider your choices.
Sometimes, a service can be inexpensive but at the same time not very reputed. In such cases, it is better to invest a little more money for a much friendlier and more reliable service.

  • Price

Affordability of a service is one of the most considered factors for anybody.
You wouldn’t want to invest your money in a service that you cannot afford.
A man and van service should not cost you too much, and it is important that you choose one that offers fixed prices.
If a service cannot guarantee the fact that it will not change the price of what it has offered as and when they feel, you should decidedly stay away and choose someone else.

The best man and van service is here! Choose them for a stress-free experience.

Need man and van service?

  Need man and van service?
man and van servicesA man and van service becomes mandatory when one wants to move to a new place. In some, and very rare, cases, there might not be any requirement for external help. Most people, however, own heavy and fragile items that need to be transported to their new home with care and expertise. The kind of meticulousness that is required for this task is not necessarily found in a single individual. Especially when one has a family to support, moving home is most of the time, not exactly the kind of job the family can do with the help of togetherness.
The very activity of moving can be very stressful and exhausting – from packing things to making sure nothing is left behind, it is a task that takes a lot of our time. When you’re done with packing things up and want to move them out of your house, a man and van service is what you need to finally take away all the pent up stress! The men will be waiting for you with their van at your doorstep and load in all your stuff carefully and skilfully. When looking for a high quality and affordable man and van service, you can be caught in doubt because of the many companies who are competing with each other in this business. In this myriad of man and van services, how will you choose the best one? Let’s discuss!


The best service is not the cheapest but it is the one that asks you for a justified amount of money.
A fixed price and fully insured service is what most of us need.
When customers discuss their situation with a service provider and they suggest one price at that time but are quick to increase it after the job using excuses like “You didn’t tell the stuff is going to be this heavy!”, you can imagine the frustration in the customer’s mind.
Choose a service with reliable pricing system.


Is the man and van service ready to accommodate your interests? Are they ready to come at the time you want them to?
Is the service enthusiastic to take care of your wishes? Will they be willing to come for as many days as the process of moving house takes?
If the answer to any of the above questions is a “no” then this service is not what you need.
Choose a customer centric man and van service.


While it may not matter much in this field, but some experience is always a good thing.
If your chosen service has been operational for a while and has also been successful in its career and period of existence, you know you can trust them with your belongings.


How do others rate this service? If they have a bad reputation, do not try giving them another chance!
The best man and van service is here

The best man and van service you can get in London

                                                   The best man and van service you can get in London

manandvanserviceAt many points in life, we find ourselves in a place where moving is the best option. When you look at a nice property and can afford to stay there, it is a joyful situation. Sometimes moving is inspired by other factors like you changing jobs making you move to a neighborhood closer to your workplace. This activity can be quite difficult when you have lots of things to take with you. Furniture items can be particularly tricky to take to the destination especially when they have glass tops. What do you do when you want to move? Hire a man and van service!
A man and van removal service is designed to help movers with their task. You will find helpers at the front door of your house who will make every effort to make the process of moving comfortable for you. If it takes days to move every item to your new destination, so be it! Load your stuff into the van and move. It is guaranteed that your job will be made much easier if you choose this man and van service for the task.
It is necessary to remember that the best service is not the cheapest one but it is the one that asks you for a justified amount of money. A fixed price and fully insured service is what most of us need and should prefer because no one likes surprise expenses. When customers discuss their situation with a service provider and they suggest one price at that time but remorselessly increase the costs by giving stupid excuses, it becomes a huge pain. Choose a service with reliable pricing system and make sure they fix everything related to money in advance.
There is one question one should definitely ask – “How do others rate this service?” If they have a bad reputation, do not try giving them another chance! After all, when you move home, you transport things that you accumulated and earned over all this time. From your expensive furniture to those glasses you bought recently – they are all yours and deserve to be transported by people who can handle them well. Do not trust your belongings with someone who has a history of destroying others’! It is also important that your service provider is a hospitable one. You wouldn’t want to be treated like someone unimportant when in fact, you should receive the highest priority!
If the man and van London service is not ready to accommodate your interests and overlooks the fact that you are a busy individual and their customer, you should not choose them. In plain and simple terms of business, the customer is always right. You deserve to have your stuff moved according to your wishes and at the time of the day when you are free. If your demands are not unrealistic and impossible, they should be catered to and if the man with a van service does not do that, you need a different peen!

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