Tips On How To Go About Getting A Moving Service Estimate

Tips On How To Go About Getting A Moving Service Estimate

Tips On How To Go About Getting A Moving Service Estimate

man and van removals companyIf you have a residential move planned, you will most likely be hiring a moving company, especially if you have a large shipment. There are many things that you must do to plan ahead of the scheduled moving date. Below you will discover several tips that will help you get started and prevent you from obtaining a huge financial loss.

Calculating Your Move

One of the biggest strategies that will need to be tackled, before calling Man and Van Removals, will be to calculate the move. The calculation preciseness is important, in order for you to receive the most accurate estimate.

  • Total up the number of rooms
  • Decide on whether or not a partial or full packing assistance is needed
  • Shipping travel distance (total miles from current to new residence)
  • Actual day of move

All of these things need to be factored into the total removal fees. It is vital that you calculate these factors to a tee, because you do not want to shortchange yourself or the moving company. If you have difficulty trying to come up with a genuine calculation, be sure the give the movers a call and see if they can assist you with this task. They may be kind enough to send a professional out to your home to aid and facilitate the true calculation with you.

Non-Binding Estimate

During the shopping and comparing process, you need to make sure that the estimate from each moving company is non-binding. You definitely do not want to get tied into a contract, before you have finished your research. Of course, it is always important to get a genuine non-binding contract, once you have found a mover that suits your needs. A non-binding contract will protect you from being forced to pay more than the actual estimate. This is not to say that you will not have to pay fees for additional services that you may request or require, during the physical removal.

Family & Friend Referral

If you are having trouble locating an acceptable moving company, be sure to utilize the family and friend referral convenience. Most likely, someone in your family, friend network, or co-workers has recently gone through a residential removal. If so, this will be the most valuable referral that you will ever receive, especially if excellent service was provided.


The Man and Van Removals are top-notch moving services that work diligently to provide all of their customers with an excellent service. You will not be charged more than the actual written estimate, unless you choose to alter the services that are agreed upon, during the actual process. Of course, this is not to say that you are not free to request extras, because these professionals are more than willing to go far and beyond to make your residential removal a wonderful experience.


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