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man-and-van“It’s UK, and we are trading in it.” The ‘Man With A Van Plus Company’ is currently UK’s no. 1 removal company, and dominating the entire removal market with an iron fist. Since our inception, we have been moving offices, homes, and big corporations. It’s our commitment to expand our network worldwide, and hand our steadfast clients the best experience. This is the 21st century, and we comprehend the growing moving needs of our customer;the world is moving rapidly and changing its dimensions each second. Therefore, today,nothing is persistent. It’s necessary for a common man, and for professional businesses, to move their locations, over and over, to match the speed of today’s world, if they truly want to grow themselves grandly. Also, as they say, if the mountains are calling, you must go. Our can-do attitude, and professional planning, distinguishes us from our competitors. We understand that in order to lead the moving market, and in order to elevate our standards,we have to aim high, and speak louder than the others. It should be our axiom to keep the entire moving/removal process as painless as possible without maneuvering with our clients at any level. For that reason, we always have an expert surveyor, who facilitate you with relocation, and provide outstanding ideas, so that you can avoid potential problems.
Man with a van team is utterly trained; it perceives that each customer, and each move, is different. That’s why, it knows how to maintain a personal touch to water down the anxiety level of customers and understand their needs deeply. It never exhibits any leniency in its work, and in fact impresses the clients on that level where they begin to feel that they’ve made the best deal; they feel confident in minutes and involved in the entire process.
Our reputation is our mask, and we care for it more than our next breath. It does not matter whether it’s a light move, or a top-notch move of a giant corporation, we deal each move proficiently, and on a personal level. We have everything; from packing, unpacking, cleaning and fixing materials or equipments to small and bigger vans, we keep everything 24/7 to tackle with each situation, and pull all the right levers while touching the precious
belongings. Unlike others, we do not twist in the wind; we just show our clients that they are in the safest hands, and they are dealing with the most professional company in the UK.
“What makes you better?” Customers often ask this question, as they want to know why and how we are elite in this market. Well, we always have the answer for that too… There are, actually, various reasons that make us better-than-every-competitor. For instance, the first, and the most important, thing is “Speed”. We are not only organized and efficient, we are indeed rather fast as well. Usually, we move within a few hours – 100% securely. However, in case you’re a proprietor of a giant firm, we can still move you in 2-3 days, far sooner than others… And, that’s what, first, makes us the company of power – today.
Next, we know it is a demanding world. Therefore, on special requests, we are available late nights, and very early mornings, in order to meet your needs, so that you can move, without signing the holiday in your office. Though, it is not a walk in the park for us either, but for our customers’ satisfaction, and basic requirements, we have bent our rules and managed the timings too… So, relish a productive day, at your office, and move as well.
Furthermore, it’s not only about having the moving vehicles; it is about setting their interiors too for handing immense care to customer’s goods. And, we perceive this so well, that is why, our each van’s interior is equipped with essential tools, blankets, ropes, and etc.
There are a few more facilities which we offer for the comfort of our clients… For instance, we have now enhanced our payment option. Now, you can pay through credit/debit card as well, and do the entire deal with us online, in case it is not possible for you to visit us.
Though, we accept hard-cash as well, but for the benefits for our long-distance clients, we have added some more facilities in our office to deal with them – comfortably. We have an entire staff that not only communicates with you, and tell you regarding the entire process after canvassing your needs, but also hand you some suggestions, in case you have some fragile items, or you’re planning to move internationally. Just do not ponder your moving
much; turn on your computer, visit the Man with a Van Plus now, and talk to us online…
We’re available all day, day-to-day!!! Though, we focus entirely on our customers, but, unlike our competitors, we have a complete policy, in case you aren’t satisfied with our service. If you think, you require a bigger vehicle, or some  other equipment, for your belongings, just discuss things with us. Although it never happens, but still, for our customers’ contentment, we like to review everything and work according to the expectations of our customers. Since, customers are our business.
Lastly, and most importantly, we shed light on some additional factors too, which others usually miss. For instance, after canvassing your goods, and new location, we ponder additional things, such as, rubbish removal, storage solutions, property cleaning, and more, and inform you about it, in case you want our help in them. We provide these added services in immensely economical prices, and adjust them in the new package too. On the whole, you do not do anything. We do everything, and play everything to perfection. Besides, once you sign the package with us, our specialist stays with you, during the entire process,so that he/she can advise you, or consider your views, in order to deliver the best results.
All in all, we assure you, years from now, when you will look back, you will realize that dealing with us was one of the best decisions of your life. You will not only recommend us, but also flood us with sun-kissed compliments, and consider only us, in case you plan your next move… Since, that is how we play… That is how we emerge as a victorious in this business.

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